Press Release: Waimea and Kona Community Meetings – September 28-29, 2011 (Please Click to download)


Please see pictures below from the evening panel discussions regarding Hawaiian Perspectives in support of Geothermal.  This was IDG’s 3rd and 4th meeting in a series of community meeting open to the public on Hawai’i Island.  These meetings became an outlet for people to voice their many concerns, opinions and support regarding the discussion of creating electricity from geothermal to help lower the costs of the consumer as well as to get Hawai’i off of its extreme dependence on foreign produced and purchased oil.   Each meeting had a very diverse set of community members which is very encouraging as the Hawai’i needs to effect positive change that benefits all members of the community.  Once again each meeting was met with overwhelmingly positive support for geothermal development under IDG’s model.