In Hawaiian, “pono” means righteous, correct, responsible — or simply put — “doing the right thing.” The IDG approach to energy development is sustainable, integrated, systematic, and, above all: PONO.

We advocate for new Policies, use an Open and transparent process, insist on No violations or damage to host cultures or the environment and ensure Opportunities for the community to participate and benefit.

Our Native-to-Native model means our projects are ALWAYS culturally appropriate, socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and economically equitable.

*Culturally appropriate:

  • -Oversight by Native development partners.
  • -Project Development Agreements that protect cultural resources through:
  1. -Implementation of cultural tools.
  2. -Retention of expert consultants.
  3. -Designation of project “footprints.”
  4. -Mitigation and curatorial plans.

*Socially responsible:

  • -Energy independence: renewable sources.
  • -Reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • -Community Collaborative Partnerships.
  • -Benefit Sharing with all stakeholders.
  • -Education and technology for communities.
  • -No support for exploitative political, social, environmental practices.

*Environmentally sustainable:

  • -Careful management of extraction.
  • -No fossil fuel-related environmental threats.
  • -Reduced impact on global climate change.
  • -State-of-the-art, customized technologies.
  • -Low emissions, no toxic by-products.

*Economically Equitable:

  • -Support Fair and reasonable costs to ratepayers.
  • -New revenue streams for state, host communities and Native Hawaiians.
  • - Facilitates ancillary small businesses.