For our development partners and clients, IDG provides a full range of world-class technical, financial and project management services throughout the complete life of a project.

But unlike many larger, profit-driven developers, IDG’s values of social responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic equity guide us at every step.

And our experience in protecting indigenous cultural and community assets means we never lose sight of our ultimate goal: self-sufficiency through the development of sustainable systems for the benefit of future generations.

- Project Management Oversight

  • Preliminary Phase: Due Diligence, Project Agreement Negotiation, Planning Process, Community Development Plan
  • Exploration Phase: Resource Assessment, Science Assessment, Technology and Design Exploration, Cost Estimates, Archaeological Report, Cultural Affiliation Report, Cultural Mapping, Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Appraisal Phase: Regulatory and Permitting Process, Monitoring and Investigation, Resource Potential and Science Assessment Confirmation, Connection Feasibility Assessment
  • Development Phase: Regulatory and Permitting Applications, Engineering and Technology Assessment, Construction/Contractor Plan
  • Construction Phase: Development Plan Implementation, Construction of Power Station and Connections to Grid
  • Operations Phase: Commercial Operation Oversight, Maintenance Oversight, Governance

- Cultural Heritage & Protections

  • Ownership and Curatorship/Stewardship of all culturally significant resources and data (Traditional Knowledge/Intellectual Property) of the Indigenous Peoples
  • Identification and Preservation of all Cultural Resources – tangible and intangible, archeological or biological/geographical
  • Utilization of cultural vehicles and mechanisms for projects
  • Retention of Cultural Monitor, Community Liaison, Subcontractors for Reports and Surveys, Archaeological
  • Compliance with applicable legislation regarding Historic Site Protection, Burials

- Financial Analysis & Modeling

  • Project Valuations and Forecasting

- Project Financing

  • Raising and Structuring Capital
  • Arranging Senior Debt and Equity