New approaches to old problems always create excitement, sometimes generate controversy and are ultimately succesful when they turn into positive action. IDG’s Native-to-Native model of sustainable energy development is no exception.

From our earliest projects in New Zealand, to our growing presence in Hawaii and the Pacific region, IDG has caught the attention of governemnt, business and community leaders. as well as the news media.

In fact, our PONO method-Policy change, Open processes, No violations and real Opurtunities for communities-has generted a great deal of traditional and online coverage in a very short time. As a company dedicated to fundamentally changing the public conversation- and government policies-relating to energy, we’re delighted.

We think there will be continuing interest in what IDG is doing to advance geothermal development in a community-friendly way. So, stay tuned!

New Zealand (Aotearoa)

  • Taheke 8C & Adjoining Blocks

- Letter to IDG Inc from Taheke 8C & Adjoining Blocks Inc

- Press Release: Taheke 8C and Contact Energy Geothermal Joint Venture

  • Te Ahi o Maui Geothermal Development

- KOHA Magazine Article Highlighting Kawerau A8D Geothermal Project

- Press Release Announcing the Te Ahi o Maui Project

- Press Release Announcing the Te Ahi o Maui Project (Released by partner Eastland Group)


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- Geothermal’s Second Chance: Lessons from a Turbulent Past Could Help Expand this Renewable Energy’s Future

  • Hawaii Island Community Meeting #1 – Puna (Pahoa Community Center)

Press Release

Forum on Geothermal Energy to Include Hawaiian Leaders – Star Advertiser, April 8, 2011

  • Hawaii Island Community Meeting #2 – Hilo (University of Hawaii at Hilo: Campus Center)

- Press Release

- Second Geothermal Forum Saturday – Hawaii Tribune Herald, May 27, 2011

  • Maui Community Meeting #1 – Pukalani (Hannibal Tavares Community Center)

- Press Release

- Meeting set for July 20 – The Maui News, July 9, 2011

  • Hawaii Island Community Meeting #3 – Waimea / Kona (Hawaii Island)
  • Waimanalo Geothermal Summit – October 15, 2011

Letters of Support