Geothermal is the only commercially viable, firm, base-load power generation source that can effectively replace the consumption of fossil fuels.

Moreover, geothermal energy is environmentally low impact, generates affordable electricity and creates green ancillary jobs. In fact, geothermal development has the potential to stimulate entire sustainability industries.

Steam energy from geothermal development can fuel a growing variety of small and large  businesses for local communities. Everything from timber and food drying, to climate controlled greenhouse agriculture, to hot springs for health tourism.

And, as we’ve seen in New Zealand, where sheep graze on hillsides next to geothermal wells, subsurface extraction doesn’t need to harm surrounding plant and animal life. Geothermal development is sustainable energy development at its best.

Geothermal energy ancillary industries**:

  • Renewable energy industrial park
  • Agriculture and food applications
  • Health, wellness and tourism