Hawaii is the most oil dependent and energy insecure state in the union. We rely on imported fossil fuels for over 90% of our energy needs, and pay the highest electricity rates in the USA. In fact, over $8 billion in energy costs leave Hawaii every year. Alternative resources will keep more of that money here in our communities.

But Hawaii is also rich in alternative energy resources: wind, solar, ocean thermal conversion, biofuels, and above all, geothermal. GEOTHERMAL — clean, reliable, affordable, firm base-load energy — is key to Hawaii’s sustainable energy mix.

IDG believes we need a whole new collaborative approach to energy independence: meaningful policy changes, committed long-term investors, real cultural protections and equitably shared benefits.

Hawaii’s mineral resources are jointly owned by the state and the Native Hawaiian community. We’re learning hard lessons from our energy dependence, and from past mistakes made by private, “profit-driven” energy developers. We have a new opportunity to work TOGETHER, for the benefit of ALL, to build Hawaii’s sustainable energy future.