As early as 1881, Hawaii’s forward-looking monarchy recognized geothermal’s remarkable potential to meet the new & growing needs of the islands’ people.

A century later, though new technology made geothermal viable, the development models were disastrous for traditional cultures, local communities and the islands’ fragile ecosystem.

We were part of the fierce community opposition to exploitative development. Our efforts contributed to the landmark Pele Defense Case in Hawaii State Supreme Court that established standards for Native Hawaiian worship and gathering rights.

Today, IDG brings access to cleaner technologies, enhances environmental awareness, a commitment to sustainable energy and community participation. Today, geothermal is an absolutely critical component of Hawaii’s sustainable energy future.

 *Geothermal hotspots + Potential

Hawaii Island = 488-1396 MW

State of Hawaii =  1,500 MW

(Geothermx 2005)

USA = 9,000 – 30,000 MW


Maui = 38 – 139 MW

(Geothermex 2005)

*Past Problems…

  • No community consultation.
  • No consideration of conservation options.
  • Failure to address exploratory problems.
  • Negative impact on native religious beliefs.
  • No benefits for local hosts or consumers.

*Doing it right…

  • New standards for Native Hawaiian rights.
  • Surface estate can be preserved.
  • EIS now includes cultural impacts.
  • Community input precedes permitting.
  • N2N = equitable, affordable, sustainable.